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The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Show

Dec 11, 2018

In this episode Gavin Gllibrand and Luke Grainger talk about the basics in getting the best results.

‘What I have found in the last 25 years of being involved in the fitness industry is the basics that are done consistently that get the best results. It is not about some magical formula that Hollywood are doing. It is not some quantum leap from A to Z. It is the simple stuff committed to consistently that get the best results’ – Gavin Gillibrand

02:05 – Gavin dives right in and talks about a post he wrote entitled ‘Do this, Lose weight.’

02:30 – First of all Gavin looks at writing your goal down.

You need to be specific. Give it a date and a deadline.
Handwrite it.
read it every day.

08:37 – The reticular activating system (

09:43 – Second Gavin talks about favouring resistance training over cardio.

Lift heavy weights.
sweating is not a good measure of fat burning.
‘Cardio is the icing on the top.’
Find out how to lift safely.
Consider intensity.

14:14 – Luke talks about DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (

14:33 – Gavin talks about progressive overload. (

15:50 – Number three , Gavin talks about drinking water.

Aim for 2-3 litres of water a day.
People confuse dehydration for hunger.
Dehydration hinders performance.

20:51 – Number four, Gavin talks about being in a calorie deficit.

It’s the only way to lose weight
Move more, eat less

21:40 – Luke lists 5 diets

23:28 – Number 5, Gavin advises to keep your protein levels high within your calorie deficit.

2gm of protein per kg or body weight per day.
Protein keeps you fuller for longer.

25: 48 – How can vegans get their protein.

30:21 – Luke talks about the book named man’s search for meaning.


32:00 – Gavin talks about deficit, maintenance and surplus.

32:15 – Final point by Gavin is consistency.

Consistency first, intensity second .

34:27 – Luke talks about his goals for the New Year.

35:28  - Luke asks Gavin what his goals are for the New Year

35:49 – Gavin talks about his book due out in January.

37:07 – Gavin decided to wrap it up.

The takeaways:

1) Write your goal down.
2) weight training as a preference to cardio.
3) Drink 203 Litres of water a day.
4) Calorie Deficit
5) Protein intake
6) Consistency is key.

Intro Music: Au5 - Closer ft. Danyka Nadeau

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