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The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Show

Dec 11, 2018

In this episode of the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Show Gavin Gillibrand and Luke grainger discuss evening routine following the huge success of the ‘morning routine’ episode.

Luke -‘It is very important to bookend your day.  It is one thing starting the day well, you have to finish the day well. What makes a wonderful morning, Gav?’

Gavin - ‘Strong Evening Routine.

00:24 – Gavin welcomes you to the show.

01: 10 - Luke asks Gavin ‘what makes a wonderful morning?’

Strong evening routine.
Good nights sleep.

02:03 – Luke gives a snap shot of his day,

05:32 – Luke recommends siting on the floor once you get home.

07: 45 – Luke explains what he will watch before bed.

08:40 – Gavin takes us through his evening.

10:14 - Gavin talks about ‘the perfect day’ workshop with Craig Ballantyne and changes that he has made to his routine.


11:20 – Luke talks about how he can get a bit weird.

11:48 - Luke has portable chin and dip bars.

Example of a portable chin and dip bar (

12:20 - Luke explains his chin and dip routine.

Supine - lying face upwards (Palms up)

Gravity Boots – (

Pronate - turn or hold (a hand, foot, or limb) so that the palm or sole is facing downwards or inwards

16:08 – Luke goes back to his own evening routine following his chin and dip routine.

17:04 – Luke talks about Zeolite powder.

What is Zeolite Power (video) – (

17:41 – Luke talks about Psyllium Husk

What is Psyllium (article) (

18:45 – Sometimes Luke Journals.

19:15 – Gavin talks about rotating your reading material.

Personal Development

22:01 – Luke talks about what he is reading.

Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers


24:50 – Luke explains that everything he does works for him and he feels benefit.

25:20 – Gavin has no phone screen time after 6pm and no TV after 9pm. Gavin talks about blue light.

25:39 – Gavin talks about melatonin.

What is Melatonin (article) – (

26:48 – Luke talks about circadian rhythms.

What is Circadian Rhythm (article) – (

27:35 – Luke talks about what happens when we sleep.

28:15 – Luke goes back to his evening routine.

31:10 – Luke and Gavin wrap it up.

The Takeaways:

Luke’s number one tip is to buy a yoga mat and sit on the floor in the evening.
Gavin’s number one tip is to turn your phone off and have at least an hour without any screen time.

Intro Music: Au5 - Closer ft. Danyka Nadeau

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