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The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Show

Dec 11, 2018

In this episode of the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Show Gavin Gillibrand and Luke Grainger talk about the internet and social media, the pros and the cons.

‘In a way we are more connected than we have ever been in the history of the world, but I think because of that we are also more disconnected in terms of personal relationships. It is not going away, I think  people just need to be made aware that screen time is a waste of time sometimes, isn’t it?’ – Gavin Gillibrand.

00:28 – Gavin welcomes us to the show.

01:12 – Gavin kicks us off with social media.

02:04 - Gavin asks Luke for his thoughts on social media.

02:43 – Luke talks about CaseyNeistat on YouTube


04:23 – Luke talks about the flip side of social media.

05:51 – Gavin talks about when the first mobile phones came out.

08:45 – Gavin talks about how he can be reluctant to answer calls now and why.

09:21 – Luke asks Gavin if he remembers when email first came out.

09:48 – Luke talks about scrolling on social media and the impact on his mindset.

10:43 – Luke talks about his social media schedule and why he posts.

For social proofing.
Limit the amount of time.
Never scroll.
Schedule posting time.

12:15 – Luke talks about weekly updates on Iphones for your screen time.

13:10 – Gavin talks about his average weekly screen time.

13:36 – Gavin talks about how we get addicted to scrolling.

13:58 – Dopamine (

16:02 – Luke explains his unease with social media.

18:19 – Gavin talks about social media addiction.

18:43 – Gavin talks about how social media has given everyone a voice.
20:15 – Luke talks about his first post on LinkedIn.

Barbell Lunges (video) (

23:40 – Luke explains what happened following that post.

25:25 – Luke talks about negative comments.

26:25 – Gavin suggests what lesson can be learnt from Luke’s experience.

27:33 – Gavin advises to be careful what you put up as you can never know what the reaction will be.

29:00 – Luke talks about how people are quick to be negative and not so quick to be positive within the fitness industry.

31:13 – Gavin weighs in that he thinks that all industries can be the same.

32:47 – Luke talks about how the internet not only gives everyone a voice but also a cover.

33:20 – Luke brings up the subject of cyber bullying.

35:00 – Gavin talks about the extreme measures some people take due to social media and the problems it can cause.

36:12 – Luke explains how the algorithms work.


39:24 – Gavin decides to wrap it up.

The takeaways:

Luke thinks that social media is a good thing in general.
Luke worries about the influence of likes.
Luke thinks people spend too much of their time and invest too much of their happiness on social media.
Gavin thinks that social media is a good thing but that people need to be aware that screen time is a waste of time sometimes.
Gavin thinks that there are more pros than cons.

Intro Music: Au5 - Closer ft. Danyka Nadeau

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