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The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Show

Dec 11, 2018

In this episode on the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Show Gavin Gillibrand and Luke Grainger talk about Luke’s experiences in Istanbul.

It is arguably the best money that I have ever spent. What it does for how you feel about yourself I can’t really put into words because it makes such a huge difference.’ – Luke Grainger

00:22 – Gavin welcomes us to the show.

01:10 – Luke kicks off by explaining that he has just got back from Istanbul.

01:16 – Luke divulges what he was doing there.

01:44 – Luke tells us that he went over for his second hair transplant.

02:02 – Gavin asks Luke to tell us the background into why he went for a hair transplant.

05: 25 – gavin asks Luke how long he had been experiencing problems before he did anything about it.

06:15 – Luke talks about the first day that someone else mentioned it.

09:22 – Luke reached out to his hairdresser for advice.

10:14 – Luke talks about how he booked his flight there and then to go to Turkey and the travel process.

12:27 – Luke explains what happens after the procedure.

12:44 – Luke rewinds to what happens when you get there and gives a word of warning.

16:18 – Luke talks about the camaraderie.

17:33 – Luke talks about the next day.

17:40 – Luke briefly describes the procedure.

21:44 – Luke describes what you have to do when you get back to the hotel.

22:33 – Luke talks about going back to clinic the next day for follow up and the instructions that they give.

22:55 – Gavin asks how and why the procedure works.

23:32 – Luke answers Gavin’s question.

25:37 – Luke brings it back to what happens the day after the procedure.

26:22 – Luke explains why he went back for a second procedure.
27:50 – Gavin asks Luke for the name of the clinic.

28: 41 – Dr Maral (

29:01 – Luke talks about what happens when you contact them.

29:43 – Luke is happy to be contacted about this. *he is NOT on a referral scheme*.

30:16 – Gavin asks Luke why he is not on a referral scheme.

30:55 – Luke answers Gavin’s question.

31:50 – Luke explains what happens if you choose to have a second treatment.

32:55 – Luke has noted down things that you might not think about if you go out there.

What you should wear.
What you should take.

33:26 – Luke talks costs.

34:40 – Gavin explains that Luke didn’t tell anyone that he was going to get the procedure done. 

35:33 – Gavin advises how to deal with sensitive subjects.

36:40 – Luke talks about how he dealt with telling people this time.

38:18 – Luke wraps it up.

The Takeaways:

Arguably the best money Luke has ever spent for two reasons:

1) In the grand scheme of things he thinks that it doesn’t cost too much.
2) It has boosted his confidence and how he feels about himself.

Forget about what the rest of the world things.
Contact Luke directly.
Do it for yourself.
10-12 months for the final results.
Trust the process.
Remember your visa

Intro Music: Au5 - Closer ft. Danyka Nadeau

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