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The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Show

Dec 11, 2018

In this episode of the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Show Gavin Gillibrand and Luke Grainger look at tips, tricks and tactics to avoid overeating when you are out for dinner.

‘taste and savour whatever you are eating. Enjoy it. Try and draw as much as you can from the taste. Try and find as many tastes and flavours in there as you possibly can and just slow down, look up, have a conversation, as questions. Just slow the hell down.’ – Luke Grainger.

00:27 – Gavin welcomes us to the show.

00:53 – Gavin explains that the idea for the show came from one of his clients.

02:26 – Gavin talks about what he would do if he was trying to get lean.

03:03 – Gavin explains what he has found with his clients who get the best results.

03: 27 – Gavin creates a scenario and he and Luke consider what tips that person could be given.

Do not hang out as often with people who are going to be detrimental to your goals.
Don’t give into the temptation of what is sitting there and what other people are doing.

06:25 – Gavin talks about calorie deficits and surplus.

06:40 – Gavin’s top tip: Skip breakfast and have a very low-calorie lunch.

09:33 – Gavin talks about considering the weekly calorie intake.

11:35 – Gavin brings it back to tips that you can use during the meal.

Make sure that you are not ravenous.
Have a protein shake before.

12:25 – Gavin backtracks and talks about times when his top tip has backfired.

14:00 – Luke suggests mashing up both his and Gavin’s tips.

15:20 – Gavin suggests another tip.

15:50 – Gavin brings up Alan Aragon and what he suggests (

17:25 – Gavin continues to talk about the myth of the affect of drinking water when eating.

17:50 – Luke talks about water and appetite.

19:26 – Gavin talks about why he goes out for dinner and what he does in preparation.

20:43 – Luke talks about his eating habits.

Chew 32 times per mouthful.
Put down your knife and fork down with every mouthful.
Do not load up your fork or spoon before you have finished what is in your mouth.
Taste whatever you are eating.

27:27 – Gavin tells a quick story about getting fish and chips when he was little.

30:04 – Luke tells a story about going out for lunch with a client.

32:00 – Gavin and Luke decide to wrap it up.

The Takeaways:

Go light on breakfast or have no breakfast whatsoever on the day of the outing.
Go moderate on the lunch on the day of the outing,
Do not eat the bread – send it back.
Have a protein shake on route to the restaurant.
Be mindful.
Chew your food 32 times per mouthful.
Put your cutlery down after every mouthful.
Do not load up your fork or spoon until you have finished your mouthful.
Taste and savour what you are eating.
Enjoy it.
Drink water before, during and after your meal.
Research Alan Aragon.

Intro Music: Au5 - Closer ft. Danyka Nadeau


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